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The Philosophy: Business Process Management (BPM)

From strategy to business success, there is a long way to go: We know the abbreviations. BPM is more than just a tool or methodology. By implementing a suitable BPM strategy, corporate goals can be achieved much faster than with conventional approaches. As they say, ‘what's better’ is the enemy of ‘what's’ good. In the BPM environment, many BPMS solutions are offered - but few deliver what they promise when it comes to implementing the BPM strategy at all levels. In order to be able to act quickly and agile in the melting pot between business model, business strategy and IT infrastructure, OpenText AppWorks is a proven tool, as it includes all the necessary levels for orchestrating business processes as well as IT applications. This makes it easier and faster to implement strategies.

Create freedom of choice: Nothing is more powerful than freedom. Which decision-maker isn't familiar with this situation: A decision has to be made, but the margin for decision-making tends toward zero. As part of the implementation of a BPM strategy on the appropriate platform, we create freedom of choice through agility, which allows us to react quickly and efficiently to market changes or to implement strategies faster than the competition.

Automation: Increasing productivity through automation is a key element in the implementation of BPMS. Another advantage can be achieved by the integrated Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), as media breaks to existing systems can be closed with the existing connectors. 

Cost Reduction: Digitizing manual processes frees up resources for activities with higher added value. In addition to cost reduction due to digitalization, if thought and implemented cleverly, the yield can be increased at the same time. 

Business Process Reengineering: The key question is: Is the process needed? If so, the aim is to preserve the proven, average and critically redesigned in the context of optimization and with the possibilities of using technology.

Integration: Borders are there to be bridged. The aim is to design processes without media breaks - within the own value chain as well as across the entire supply chain. The corresponding tools are available.

Post-Merger Integration: The fairy tale of 'low hanging fruits' has certainly been heard and experienced by everyone today - even the merging of organizations or parts of them, in practice, is more involved and more complex than expected. Hard work is needed to realize synergies quickly. By using suitable BPM strategies and tools, the integration time can be massively reduced and synergies can be realized quickly.

Time-to-market reduction: Throughput times are always critical. At the strategic level, optimizing the cash-to-cash cycle (i.e. the time it takes for an invested doller to yield two dollars) is often doomed to failure with conventional approaches as a Herculean task. The new, BPM-based management approaches are particularly suitable for such challenges.

Optimizing the working capital: The operating capital (working capital) required for the contract is charged to liquidity and must be financed accordingly. Within the framework of a BPM strategy, working capital can be optimized by optimizing the lead time as well as by integrating business partners in the supply chain in such a way, that reductions of 50 percent can be achieved (depending on the sector).

Customer Focus/Retention: Attracting new customers and increasing customer satisfaction among existing customers is always a challenge. By means of suitable (digital) processes, this existential area can be continuously optimized and improved.

Governance and Compliance: In the digital age in particular, governance and compliance are becoming increasingly important as an element of digital transformation. Background: The increasing density of rules, laws and regulations (e.g. in the international field of the SOX Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the rules for cross-border money transactions and much more) requires, For example, the authorization for system access is carried out via clearly defined digital processes, which also provide an audit trail of who, whom, when and for what has been authorized.

HR Processes: In human resources (across the whole range of hire-to-retire), a large amount of structured and unstructured data is required in a repetitive process. The BPMS automatically compiles the personnel dossier from all available data so that the responsible persons can concentrate on the essential. Processes are automated, information is forwarded to the right places and decisions are collected in a structured and traceable manner. Following the recruitment process (onboarding), the authorization manager can set up the authorization for the function-level system access (e.g. SAP, Intranet, DMS, etc.). In the reverse case, when an employee is leaving the company, it can be ensured that all system accesses with the last working day (not the end of the contract) are blocked. 

Digital Transformation: 'Digital Disrupt or Die', the clock cannot be turned back. By strategically using OpenText AppWorks, you have an important and powerful tool to successfully embark on the path to the digital age. We support you with our specialists in technology management and strategic technology and business planning for the implementation of digital transformation.




Digitaler Reifegrad


BPM is industry-independent!

Globalization and technological change, driven by the cloud, have created the conditions for change and innovation to become increasingly common in the marketplace. The result is that in today's economic climate it is extremely important to ensure the competitiveness of the company in every respect. 

Cordys enables leading companies - in a wide range of industries - to quickly realize solutions to critical business challenges by ensuring that business processes and their continuous improvement are fully under control, whether within their own organization or across the supply chain.


Exciting industry-specific application examples

Banks and Insurance Companies

The change in financial industries is progressing at an incredible rate. Driven by the technological possibilities of digital transformation combined with the customer behavior of the 'Digital Residents' (the customer group that is at home in the digital age) and the increasingly demanding requirements of the regulators, companies are forced to adapt to the new framework conditions. Growing in this environment means transforming faster than the environment is changing. This opportunity is opened up by a strategy that relies on BPM as a strategic success factor and consistently implements it with a suitable BPMS.


Industry 4.0 is on everyone's radar. The continuous increase in productivity is vital - on the one hand through the intensity of competition, on the other hand through external factors such as the development of currency differences, which can cause margins to shrink in some cases painfully. Agile digitization for automation at the shop floor level as well as across the entire supply chain is crucial over victory or defeat. With BPM and the OpenText Trading Grid and analysis capabilities the supply chain can be optimized and ERP agility achieved. By combining both solutions (OpenText AppWorks and trending grid), you can achieve a central 360-degree view of each supplier, automate data enrichment and optimize B2B integrations (e.g. via EDI messages).

Energy supply

The liberalization of the electricity market, the separation of production and transport by the regulator, the collapse of prices, renewable energy sources (photovoltaic, wind etc.) and technical innovations such as Smart Metering, IoT (Internet of things) or tiko (active management of consumer/entertainment stores) lead to That proven business models (e.g. pump storage power plants) can no longer be operated profitably over decades. The new and ever-changing conditions require agility - to change the organization, process and systems faster than the competition. In addition, the liberalization reduces customer loyalty - that is, marketing & customer communication for customer loyalty and acquisition is given a new importance. With BPM as a strategic element, processes can be designed and automated in an agile manner - regardless of which innovations are required - OpenText AppWorks orchestrates, automates and aggregates processes and data and controls your smart infrastructure or trade. Big data is analyzed and processed into leadership information, and they are and remain prepared for the future.


The change in regularity of the trade is driven by customer behavior, the globalization of the markets and the constant pressure on costs. By using BPM as a strategic element, processes can be automated and accelerated. By using BPM as a strategic element, processes can be automated and accelerated. Intelligent processes can reduce inventory levels and increase availability for the end user.

Telecom and Provider

The ongoing erosion of margins forces Telecoms and cloud providers to offer services more and more cost-effectively and at the same time to improve the services offered and to advance into new markets. Investment decisions often lead to a vendor or technology lock-up - and quickly slow down any achieved edge. Intelligent BPM technology and the OpenText Cloud Service Brokerage enable quotes to be created, services to be generated and configured, and corresponding SLAs to be monitored on an ongoing basis. The orchestration layer is technology-independent, so the offered services can be continuously updated or the production platform migrated. Regardless of whether you produce yourself or use AWS or AZUR services for your offers. Learn more +

Health care

Health care in our geographical region is good and expensive. Many say it's too expensive. Instead of saving on services, process improvements and automation/digitization can make a significant contribution to better controlling economic costs and allowing doctors, hospitals and health insurance companies to operate at healthy margins.

Public Administration

E-government is here - but it is only used marginally. The digitalization of public administration can be continuously increased through the strategic use of BPM, regardless of whether on a local, regional, cantonal or federal level. Also in the administrative area of the army, existing references show what can be achieved with the use of OpenText AppWorks.

Real Estate

The profitability of a real estate portfolio depends heavily on how cheap or expensive its administration is. Also addressed here are the processes in real estate trading. By digitizing the processes, trading can be accelerated and administrative costs be reduced.


Supply and demand determine the price - however, the cost of order acquisition, administration and billing depends on automation. In order to be able to operate successfully in the services business on a sustainable basis, its processes must be under control and need to be continuously adapted to customer requirements. With the introduction of appropriate management methods and tools, you will continue to be successful in the future. 


Running a Cloud
We are constantly crossing the limit of what is normally possible with IT. Through continuous improvements in detail and innovative methods, we can automate areas that previously required massive manual work.

Hardly any industry is affected by major changes that affect many dimensions. As a result, the legal framework changes, the day-to-day production capacity changes with the introduction of renewable energies, and the more efficient system for consumers also ensures lower consumption. The business models need to be adapted and require an agile infrastructure to manage the changes.


Handling Claims
We feel at home in many industries. In the insurance sector in particular, massive improvements can be achieved, so that customers are happier and the costs lower.

Taking a Trip
Matt and rich are planning a business trip - a process example.


Pre-Configured Applications

Cloud Service Brokerage

Cloud Service Brokerage can help you deliver services and applications more effectively to your customers and users. OpenText Cloud Service Brokerage is a fully process-based application for maximum flexibility. With this solution, you can: Reduce operational costs, immediately deploy service innovations, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce the churn rate.

Digital Mail Room

The digitalization of the flow of information is progressing - despite this, classic mail traffic will continue to maintain its place. In order to ensure high process security, to automate the processing and distribution of mail as well as to automatically classify and keyword the incoming mail, the Digital Mail Room is designed in such a way that even high volumes are processed, distributed and archived in a legally secure manner. The benefit lies in a sustained increase in efficiency of the entire organization, higher process security and in the more secure archiving of the documents.

Digital Media Supply Chain Process App

With this solution for lean digital media project management, you can increase your profits and increase your global reach. With the OpenText Digital supply Chain process app, you can: Shorten the time-to-value cycle, monetizing products across multiple channels in a short time, increasing the productivity and level of collaboration of your employees.

Supply Chain Optimization and ERP Agility

BPM and OpenText Trading Grid help you optimize your supply chain and achieve ERP agility. By combining the two solutions, you can: Achieve a central 360-degree view of each supplier automating the enrichment of data and optimizing EDI messages automating and orchestrating the creation of new suppliers.

Compliance and Entitlement Management

In the digital age, it is crucial that compliance with digital tools is also ensured. It is particularly important for publicly listed companies that their management and board of directors can assume responsibility for this (SOX: Sarbanes-Oxley Act), which is published in the annual accounts. In addition to the financial audit trail, it must also be possible to prove who has authorized whom, in order to be able to record financial transactions.

Contract Center

In the digital age, the management of contracts is often as organized and automated as in old times. The introduction of the OpenText Contract Center enables the processes to be automated in such a way that legal certainty and thus compliance are increased while at the same time reducing throughput times and the associated costs. Standard contracts can be fully automated and digitally signed, while approval processes are provided for any contract changes. Welcome to the digital age.

RFx Center

A typical request for proposal (RFP) process can require hundreds of person hours and requires the attention of numerous experts. In addition, shrinking budgets and increasingly complex requirements make it difficult to carry out efficient, fair and auditory procurement. New ways and tools are needed to achieve more with fewer resources and to meet strict political and regulatory requirements. The OpenText ™ RFx Center is a comprehensive bid management solution that enables companies to optimize their competitive procurement processes, monitor spending, manage suppliers, and automate the flow and collection of procurement information at the enterprise level. The powerful analytical capabilities within RFx Center also provide decision makers and management with real-time information about the procurement process to enable informed strategic decisions.

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