Digital transformation is the way, not the end-goal




The digital maturity level of any organization has to evolve faster and faster in today's world. Going back is not an option!

Digitization is not new, but the pace is new. We offer our customers the tools and know-how to operate successfully in the digital age.



Business models and technology use

The availability of new technologies enables new digital business models (business models). At the same time, existing business models are challenged to use the technology to improve the established processes. Without continuous improvement, any business model will fail over the short or long term. And the clocks are turning faster and faster in this area. The interaction between the business model and the use of technology can only be optimally exploited if the digital maturity of the company is continuously increased. Learn more +

Digital Business Models




Digital Transformation: Procedure

Digital transformation is the way, not the goal. The strategic and operational goals of a digital transformation must be derived from the strategic planning for the desired business model. 

With a 5-step methodology (analysis, strategy, design, organization, transformation), the individual steps can be detailed and adapted to the specific company. 

We would be happy to show you how the Cordys transformation methodology can increase the digital maturity of the organization in five steps. Learn more +



Platform for digital transformation:
OpenText AppWorks

Digitalization 'made easy': Thanks to the right platform. By using OpenText AppWorks, processes can be digitized more easily and quickly - with investment protection for the existing IT applications such as SAP. Learn more +

Industrie 4.0


Digitaler Reifegrad


Digital Maturity

No organization can make the leap from zero to one hundred - not even in the case of digitization. It is therefore a goal to determine the digital maturity level of the existing organization as a first step within the scope of an assessment, in order to plan the steps to increase digital maturity and implement them step by step. 

We would be happy to show you how the Cordys method can be used to increase digital maturity step by step. Learn more +




A critical success factor for a successful digital transformation is the IT architecture combined with the IT business alignment. Only through close strategic coordination between IT and business can transformation programs be realized in a timely and successful manner.

We would be happy to support you in planning and implementing a customized IT architecture Learn more +


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OpenText AppWorks (formerly known as CORDYS BOP) is the platform for digital transformation, enabling companies to adapt faster and more agile to market conditions. Especially in the field of digital transformation, the automation of processes and the centering on customers and employees.


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